Dyscalculia Assessment

Fee: $1500

Dyscalculia affects an individual’s ability to understand, learn, and perform math and number-based operations.  People with Dyscalculia may experience difficulty keeping track of time, estimating, remembering basic math facts, math calculation, word problems, working with money, telling time, gauging speed and distance, remembering sequences of numbers, understanding quantities, measuring, and visual-spatial processing.

Dyscalculia Evaluations include:

  • A history of your child’s language development, math difficulties and educational progress
  • Review of any issues relating to attention
  • Assessment of general cognitive ability, including verbal and nonverbal ability
  • Assessment of Computational skills
  • Assessment of Math Fluency
  • Assessment of Quantitative Reasoning
  • Assessment of Mental Computation
  • Written Report
  • One-hour meeting to review results