Since the world is not going to adapt to your child’s individual needs after he/she/they graduate from high school, our primary goal is to prepare students to meet the challenges they will face as they journey through life.  Families often have unrealistic expectations when it comes to special education modifications in school and unknowingly believe that these will “fix” their child’s difficulty, whatever it may be.  For example, “minimizing distractions in the classroom” is a standard modification for students with ADHD and/or other learning disabilities.  The reality is that the world is filled with distractions and the child is best served by giving them the tools to self-manage, self-regulate and complete tasks in the chaotic and noisy society in which we live. In order for our process to be successful, a change in parenting style might be necessary.  This is often difficult for parents because it may involve a shift in the mindset you have about your child and a willingness to fully accept the realities of your child’s particular situation.  As we travel this path with parents, we will educate you on unique ways to manage and assist your child both within the home and in public settings. Our primary goal is to find a manageable and realistic academic or behavioral program based on the individual needs of your family. 


School Consultation Fee: $125/hour

We provide school consultation services for families participating in our assessment and evaluation services.  School consultation services may include:

  • Attending school meetings, meeting with school staff, and/or observing the student at school 
  • Providing suggestions, assistance, and professional development to school staff

Parent and Guardian Consultation Fee: $125/hour

We provide consultation services for families with children experiencing academic, social, emotional, and behavioral difficulties.  Family consultation services may include:

  • Meeting with parents to discuss the various ways a student may receive help in school settings
  • Making suggestions regarding school placement
  • Help parents learn to work with the school their child attends to set up behavioral interventions at school – i.e. a daily home-school progress system
  • Reviewing IEP or 504 documents and make suggestions for improvements if needed
  • Attending school meetings, meeting with school staff, and/or observing the student at school 
  • Providing guidance and support to assist with difficulties occurring at home and within community settings
  • Helping families access service providers such as clinicians, therapists, and physicians.