ADHD Assessment

ADHD Assessment with Cognitive and Academic Information Fee: $1,250

ADHD Assessment with Full Psychoeducational Assessment Fee: $3,000

There isn’t a specific “test” to determine whether an individual has ADHD.  An ADHD diagnosis can be made when specific information is gathered and interpreted.  According to the DSM-5, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 5th Edition, there are 9 symptoms that may be present with Inattentive ADHD and 9 symptoms that may occur with hyperactivity/impulsivity ADHD.  Most people display one or more of the symptoms throughout life. 

Do You Think My Child Has ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)?  | Day 2 Day Parenting

To be diagnosed with ADHD:

  • At least 6 of the 9 symptoms must be present
  • The symptoms have to be appearing in two or more settings for 6 months or longer
  • The symptoms must significantly impair academic, social, or work functioning
  • Some symptoms have to be present prior to the age of 12

ADHD often co-exists with other disorders. The possibility of learning disabilities, mental health disorders, autism, sensory processing disorder, oppositional defiant/conduct disorder, Tourette syndrome, sleep apnea, and other physical disorders must be considered

An ADHD evaluation must include the following:

  • Information from people that interact with the individual in a variety of settings and situations
  • An Interview with and observation of the individual suspected of having ADHD
  • A review of the individual’s medical history, including familial history of ADHD/Mental Health concerns
  • Use of ADHD Rating Scales
  • Review of all information gathered

At Reimagining Education, we also screen for cognitive and academic abilities with our ADHD evaluations

Following the Assessment, you will receive:

  • A written report you can take to your child’s physician
  • 45-minute meeting to review the results and suggestions