Dysgraphia Assessment

Fee: $1500

Dysgraphia is a neurological disorder that impairs written expression. Writing problems can result from one or more of the following components:

  • Fine motor difficulties
  • Visual-spatial difficulties
  • Handwriting issues

Dysgraphia Evaluations include:

Measures of rapid automatized naming, spelling, orthographic processing, expressive writing, working memory, and overall cognitive ability.

  • A history of your child’s language development, writing difficulties and educational progress
  • Review of any issues relating to attention
  • Handwriting Achievement – includes rate and legibility
  • Assessment of general cognitive ability, including verbal and nonverbal ability
  • Assessment of spelling
  • Assessment of Orthographic Coding – the ability to store written words in working memory while the letters in the word are analyzed or the ability to create permanent memory of written words linked to their pronunciation and meaning
  • Assessment of Rapid Naming Abilities and Phonological Awareness
  • Written Report
  • One hour meeting to review results