Academic Achievement Assessment

Fee: $900

Academic achievement assessment is used to identify specific academic strengths and weaknesses through an individually administered, standardized evaluation. It measures what skills have been learned in academic areas such as reading, math, written expression, and language.  Academic assessment is the process of using evidence to understand and improve student learning in academic programs.

There are several reasons why you may want to obtain an Academic Achievement Assessment.

For instance:

  • To obtain an accurate profile of an individual’s academic abilities
  • To identify an individual’s specific academic strengths and weaknesses
  • To assist in exploring an individual’s learning difficulties
  • To assist in developing learning strategies and recommendations
  • It can also be used to identify an individual’s progress over time to ensure measurable growth is occurring from one year to the next.

Academic Achievement Evaluations include:

  • Review of information and prior Academic Achievement evaluations
  • Use of Academic Achievement Assessments
  • Assessment of general academic abilities, with an increased focus on identified areas of concern
  • Written Report
  • One-hour meeting to review results